The Boisen Books Project Launches at CPSP's "Boisen Day" February 9, 2015 17:42

The Boisen Books Project was launched at Boisen Day, the first day of the 25th Anniversary Plenary of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP), held in Chicago, March 15-18, 2015.

Honoring Anton T. Boisen on the occasion of the 50th year since his death in 1965, Boisen Day included papers and seminars featuring Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD, Allison Stokes, PhD, J. Harold Ellens, PhD, and Glenn. H. Asquith, Jr., PhD, who received the Helen Flanders Dunbar Award. They were joined by Drs. Raymond J. Lawrence, Christopher de Bono and David Roth for a Conversation on the significance of Boisen for today and the future.

A special exhibition titled "Anton T. Boisen - 1876-1965 - A Living Human Document" included never before seen letters, manuscripts, papers, photos and art by Boisen from the archives of Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) and rare, autographed books from Verbum Icon publishers. 

A small number of first edition (1960) hardcover copies of Boisen's autobiographical Out of the Depths, that were part of his estate, were sold to raise funds for the preservation of the Boisen archive at CTS. A signed copy of his first book, Exploration of the Inner World, was given away by Verbum Icon in a drawing from among those who pre-ordered copies of the forthcoming new Boisen editions and those who contributed to the archive fund.